Rose Garden


On a regular boring Tuesday, I decided to get out and get some Vitamin D that I lack. I went to the famous rose garden around where I live to smell some roses and take pictures. The rose garden was much better than my expectations. Clean and beautiful scenery greeted me as I walked in. I was simply impressed. As I went on a stroll 30 minutes before sunset, the place was not crowded–which I appreciated. It was very peaceful and soothing for my mind. I was actually cheered up because of the cute ducklings. What a nice way to end the day. I wonder what I’ll do tomorrow?

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Diary, Food


Finally tried out these organic black figs for the first time! They were truly fantastic… or should I say “figtastic.” With smooth texture, this fruit is very sweet and succulent! Figs are so healthy for your body which you can read all about it here. When you are eating it, you can experience that famous fig fragrance sold in many candles and lotions. Two of my favorite fig candles are from Anthropology and Crate and Barrel. It’s like heaven in a candle!

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Diary, Food, Style

Santana Row

Step 1: Get ready – hair, makeup, outfit, etc…

IMG_0182 IMG_0190 IMG_0191

Step 2: Arrive at Santana Row.


Step 3: Go shopping! (My shop-a-holic self came back from 3 years ago… help.)

*Sneaky outfit of the day snapshot*

(After a hard 1 hour dilemma, I decided to get this lace detailed hoodie from Anthropology…)




We ate at the LB Steakhouse. What I got/recommend: New York Prime Steak with LB Steak Sauce and a side of creamed spinach. The steak was breathtaking, while the service was below average.IMG_0220 IMG_0227

Step 5: Come back home, remove make-up, and zzz.


Colorless Day

Do you ever have one of those days when you are so out of energy that you become a sloth? I had one today. I don’t even feel sick! Just simply zoned out. So all I did today was sit in my bed,  drink endless cups of tea (which I did so much that I had to make a .gif), and take a picture of my lucky bamboo. Seeing this splash of green in my colorless day made me somewhat happy. Maybe it is lucky, after all.

IMG_0147 IMG_0151 water-gif


Detoxing Day

Disclaimer: Somehow I only took pictures of digestible objects today.

Yesterday, I put four slices of lemon and four slices of cucumber in a big tub of water. My sister told me this was a very good detox water, so I tried it. It tastes pretty darn good! I drank this detox water while working out and felt like I was a health-freak (which I’m slowly turning into).  With the left over lemons and cucumber slices, I made these greek yogurt “pickles” (recipe here). I only used 0% fat greek yogurt, lemon juice, and diced cucumbers. Then I left it in the refrigerator for an hour to develop its true flavor. The sauce topped off my quinoa patty, which I really enjoy making/eating.

I don’t know what to do with my life anymore, besides making food and eating them.

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IMG_0106 IMG_0115 IMG_0114 IMG_0119 IMG_0124 icecream

Such a relaxing Sunday! I painted my nails white for the first time. Looks pretty good, especially against my vivid orange chiffon skirt and my gold rings. I had to go to the grocery store today, which is my favorite errand to do! (except for the part where I spend money…) From the store, I bought some giant bananas which were turned into ice cream. It was really good, except I think there was too much of the banana flavor… I would’ve liked it with more heavy whipping cream. It was good, nonetheless, with the sliced almonds. Yum!

But I’m still reading the same book, only the next chapter. Eating the same old breakfast. Listening to the same music playlist playing over and over again… Pretty ordinary day, I say.


Sweet Day

My day started out peacefully accompanied by delicious and healthy banana oatmeal. What are those little black dots on top of the banana, you ask? It’s called chia seeds. It’s really good for you with lots of omega 3 and protein. I generally like to sprinkle those seeds in my water bottle, oatmeal, salads and even smoothies. With my oatmeal, I really like drinking a warm green tea (decaf of course!). It helps my metabolism throughout the day, which I really appreciate. This morning was pretty ordinary. Just checking e-mails and working on my resume…

After lunch time, I decided to hit the gym. Gym time is my prime time. I love running and lifting weights by myself with my headphones on. It’s just so relaxing, you know? I see it as a moment for me to recharge. After my one hour gym time, I went straight to the pool area with my whole almonds and a book. The book I’m currently reading is God’s Hotel by Victoria Sweet. I’m reading it for my college, which usually means that I don’t enjoy the book. I don’t like forced reading. Believe it or not, I’m already on chapter 6 and love every single page of it! Dr. Sweet’s observation of Laguna Honda, an almshouse in San Francisco, and its odd but darling patients really intrigue me. I highly recommend the book.

Today was such a sweet day. First, that banana in my oatmeal breakfast was super delicious. No need for sugar! Then, the book written by Dr. Sweet (too much?). Last but not least, my family visited me. Even though we live 2 hours away, it’s just nice to see your family and eat dinner together. Even though my day was filled with regular chores and mediocre plans, I still had an amazing day! What a fantastic way to start out the blog! (not sarcastic at all..)

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