Sweet Day

My day started out peacefully accompanied by delicious and healthy banana oatmeal. What are those little black dots on top of the banana, you ask? It’s called chia seeds. It’s really good for you with lots of omega 3 and protein. I generally like to sprinkle those seeds in my water bottle, oatmeal, salads and even smoothies. With my oatmeal, I really like drinking a warm green tea (decaf of course!). It helps my metabolism throughout the day, which I really appreciate. This morning was pretty ordinary. Just checking e-mails and working on my resume…

After lunch time, I decided to hit the gym. Gym time is my prime time. I love running and lifting weights by myself with my headphones on. It’s just so relaxing, you know? I see it as a moment for me to recharge. After my one hour gym time, I went straight to the pool area with my whole almonds and a book. The book I’m currently reading is God’s Hotel by Victoria Sweet. I’m reading it for my college, which usually means that I don’t enjoy the book. I don’t like forced reading. Believe it or not, I’m already on chapter 6 and love every single page of it! Dr. Sweet’s observation of Laguna Honda, an almshouse in San Francisco, and its odd but darling patients really intrigue me. I highly recommend the book.

Today was such a sweet day. First, that banana in my oatmeal breakfast was super delicious. No need for sugar! Then, the book written by Dr. Sweet (too much?). Last but not least, my family visited me. Even though we live 2 hours away, it’s just nice to see your family and eat dinner together. Even though my day was filled with regular chores and mediocre plans, I still had an amazing day! What a fantastic way to start out the blog! (not sarcastic at all..)

Sweet_Day IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 Sweet_Day


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