Slowly Turning Into a Foodie

IMG_0234 Date-Sweetened-Apple-Pie-Oatmeal-Minimalist-Baker


Wow! It’s been so long since my last update on my blog… I was so “busy.” Haha, who am I kidding, I really wasn’t. My life is still average, except for the fact that I got a job! It’s only temporary, but who knows where this path will lead me. Since I couldn’t take any pictures from my daily life, here are some foodie pictures. The green tea cake from Paris Baguette is so delicious with its layers of whipped cream. For a more healthier option, I’ve been LOVING (no exaggeration here) the date sweetened apple pie oatmeal recipe from the Minimalist Baker. After trying this recipe out, I can no longer go back to the plain old oatmeal and banana. My life seriously revolves around food.

Tomorrow is my first day of summer school! I’m actually excited to be doing something productive with my life. It’ll be my first college lecture class, which makes me nervous. Wish me luck!


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