Japanese Friendship Garden

IMG_0852 copyI got to explore the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose, CA (for my art history presentation).
IMG_0861_copyThe formless and non-symmetrical structure of the Japanese garden was evident with this wooden pathway.

IMG_0866copyBeautiful sunset peeking through the Japanese pine tree.
IMG_0883copy IMG_0867copyLook at the BOKEH.
IMG_0919copy IMG_0927copyHonestly, I’m just in love with Autumn leaves ❤

IMG_0969copyMemorable scene with the red bridge. Landscape in the Eastern gardens evokes the feelings of physically entering into the nature. The placement of water in relation to the garden was to elongate and extend the viewing experience by reflecting the artificial view of landscape. It amplifies that effect of becoming one with the nature.
IMG_0972copyAgain… I’m just obsessed with the red hue of leaves.IMG_0979copyAlthough I wasn’t able to capture all the little details and elements of the Japanese Friendship Garden, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and it was worth the trip.

I hope I get an A on that art history presentation.


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