Seattle Trip


On my way to downtown Seattle from the airport via Link Light Trail

The famous Pike Place Market where there are…

…pretty scenery…


…delicious looking fruits…


…and inexpensive flowers! My sister and I actually bought this dried flower bouquet for a soon-to-be bride.


Next to the Westlake Center, there were some rows of trees that were painted in bright blue. I heard the paint does not harm the trees, so no worries.IMG_0414

For our lunch, we decided to stop by Chinatown. We ate at a restaurant called Red Lantern!IMG_0423

I really loved their tea because it was not a typical jasmine tea that you would usually get at a Chinese restaurant.IMG_0427

My dish was sweet & sour beef an my sister ordered the ma-po tofu. Highly recommended!IMG_0435

The view by the Seattle’s Great Wheel. So calming and relaxing.IMG_0436

The Great Wheel–which I did not have a chance to get on.IMG_0441At a wedding reception… Such a cute little snack package for the guests.


Seattle, WA – Day 1 & 2
Ok, so these are just few photos out of a whole bunch!  I really enjoyed my stay at City Hostel Seattle, which was located in downtown Seattle, so I had no need for rental cars. I wanted to visit more places in Washington besides Seattle, but I didn’t have much time to travel with public transportation.  The weather was not too hot and not too cold, which was perfect. Thank you, Seattle, for the warm welcome!



IMG_0316 IMG_0368

My obsession over the last couple of weeks: Thai iced tea & Flower crowns.
Both so sweet and lovely.
I was going to buy a flower crown from a retail store, but it was way too expensive. So I made the flower crowns myself with a total of $13!
It took about an hour to make, but very worth it. Even though the crown is not an everyday material, I still wanted to have one because it’s just so good to look at.

Tomorrow, I leave for my trip to Seattle, Washington! More photos to come soon.


Slowly Turning Into a Foodie

IMG_0234 Date-Sweetened-Apple-Pie-Oatmeal-Minimalist-Baker


Wow! It’s been so long since my last update on my blog… I was so “busy.” Haha, who am I kidding, I really wasn’t. My life is still average, except for the fact that I got a job! It’s only temporary, but who knows where this path will lead me. Since I couldn’t take any pictures from my daily life, here are some foodie pictures. The green tea cake from Paris Baguette is so delicious with its layers of whipped cream. For a more healthier option, I’ve been LOVING (no exaggeration here) the date sweetened apple pie oatmeal recipe from the Minimalist Baker. After trying this recipe out, I can no longer go back to the plain old oatmeal and banana. My life seriously revolves around food.

Tomorrow is my first day of summer school! I’m actually excited to be doing something productive with my life. It’ll be my first college lecture class, which makes me nervous. Wish me luck!


Rose Garden


On a regular boring Tuesday, I decided to get out and get some Vitamin D that I lack. I went to the famous rose garden around where I live to smell some roses and take pictures. The rose garden was much better than my expectations. Clean and beautiful scenery greeted me as I walked in. I was simply impressed. As I went on a stroll 30 minutes before sunset, the place was not crowded–which I appreciated. It was very peaceful and soothing for my mind. I was actually cheered up because of the cute ducklings. What a nice way to end the day. I wonder what I’ll do tomorrow?

1 2 3 48 5 6 7

Diary, Food


Finally tried out these organic black figs for the first time! They were truly fantastic… or should I say “figtastic.” With smooth texture, this fruit is very sweet and succulent! Figs are so healthy for your body which you can read all about it here. When you are eating it, you can experience that famous fig fragrance sold in many candles and lotions. Two of my favorite fig candles are from Anthropology and Crate and Barrel. It’s like heaven in a candle!

IMG_0245_2 IMG_0203 IMG_0197

Diary, Food, Style

Santana Row

Step 1: Get ready – hair, makeup, outfit, etc…

IMG_0182 IMG_0190 IMG_0191

Step 2: Arrive at Santana Row.


Step 3: Go shopping! (My shop-a-holic self came back from 3 years ago… help.)

*Sneaky outfit of the day snapshot*

(After a hard 1 hour dilemma, I decided to get this lace detailed hoodie from Anthropology…)




We ate at the LB Steakhouse. What I got/recommend: New York Prime Steak with LB Steak Sauce and a side of creamed spinach. The steak was breathtaking, while the service was below average.IMG_0220 IMG_0227

Step 5: Come back home, remove make-up, and zzz.


Colorless Day

Do you ever have one of those days when you are so out of energy that you become a sloth? I had one today. I don’t even feel sick! Just simply zoned out. So all I did today was sit in my bed,  drink endless cups of tea (which I did so much that I had to make a .gif), and take a picture of my lucky bamboo. Seeing this splash of green in my colorless day made me somewhat happy. Maybe it is lucky, after all.

IMG_0147 IMG_0151 water-gif